Business Landscape Installation in Progress: Cinfed Credit Union in Colerain Township

Here at Upscale Lawncare, we take pride in transforming landscapes into stunning works of art. Our business landscape installation at the Cinfed Credit Union, which is currently in progress, located in Colerain Township showcases our resolve to be the best.

Full Landscape Installation:

We started with an analysis of a provided landscape blueprint. The project plan includes final grade touch-ups, sod installation, erosion control measures, and the use of slate chips instead of traditional mulch. Sprinkler systems will ensure the longevity and vitality of the greenery.

Site Work:

Prior to the landscape installation, we undertook comprehensive preparation. We did general site work and finished final grades. We are also using heavy machinery such as Bobcats.

Shredded Topsoil:

Our skilled team will fill in grades and prepare all landscape beds to meet builder and county approval standards. Additionally, we will deliver fresh shredded topsoil, laying the foundation for healthy turf and plant life.

Sod Installation and Maintenance:

To achieve lush, green turf, we will install sod in the main turf area, totaling 1,980 yards. Existing seed and straw was removed with thorough watering post-installation. Our team will provide additional guidance on irrigation system control to ensure optimal growth conditions.

Business landscape installation at Cinfed Credit Union.
Business landscape installation at Cinfed Credit Union.
Business landscape installation at Cinfed Credit Union.

Seed and Straw Application:

Tall Fescue grass seed with XCD coating is to be applied, accompanied by starter fertilizer to promote germination. Straw bales will be placed to protect the seeds and provide optimal growing conditions.

Flora Installation:

The heart of this project involves implementing a diverse range of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. These species include Forest Pansy Redbud, Milky Way Kousa Dogwood, and Norway Spruce.

Mulching and Bed Enhancement:

To further elevate the landscape’s visual appeal, black dyed mulch will be applied to the planter beds, creating a striking contrast against the vibrant greenery. Additionally, mulch will also be added to the landscape beds around the outside of the parking lot.

Irrigation System Installation:

Ensuring the longevity and vitality of the landscape, a comprehensive sprinkler system is planned to cover all turf and landscape beds. Utilizing high-quality Hunter fixtures and efficient heads, our system is designed for optimal water distribution and conservation. Collaborating with general contractors and plumbers, there will be a seamless connection between the system to the main water line, providing a reliable water source for irrigation needs.

The quality of our work speaks for itself. Stay tuned on our social media platforms to watch this project and more come to life. Contact us today to start a project of your own!