Revitalizing Your Home: A Landscape Project in Springboro, Ohio

With Upscale Lawncare, your brand new landscape project is in good hands. This project in Springboro demonstrates our thorough approach.

Integrated Landscape Design:

Guided by a licensed landscape architect, the project integrates final grades, sod, erosion control, a sprinkler system, and LED lighting. Our hands-on involvement and collaboration with various stakeholders ensure a tailored design.

Extensive Site Work:

Extensive site work, involving machine and hand labor, prepares the yard for the desired grades and meets the levels of concrete and pool decking.

Topsoil and Seed Application:

Topsoil and seed application enhance the yard, addressing gravel and rock-filled areas for a lush, well-maintained lawn.

Meticulous Drainage Planning:

The drainage system, connecting downspouts to divert water away from the house, is meticulously planned, ensuring effective water management.

Pool-Related Hardscaping:

The inclusion of a pool adds complexity, with detailed plans for a concrete bonding beam, coping stones, gravel for pool decking prep, and various pavers, creating a luxurious poolside retreat.

Landscape project in Springboro.

Landscape project in Springboro.
Landscape project in Springboro.

Sprinkler System and LED Lighting:

The job also included a basic sprinkler system for the front lawn and landscape beds, along with a sophisticated LED landscape lighting system that was strategically placed for aesthetics and safety.

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A landscape project in Springboro, Ohio.
An image of a home in Springboro, Ohio.
Property plan drawing for a residence in Springboro, Ohio.