A Backyard Retreat: Putting Green Installation in Cleves, Ohio

A putting green installation can completely revitalize your home. At Upscale Lawncare, we understand the importance of turning your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and recreation, and this outdoor transformation in Cleves showcases our commitment.

Initial Consultation and Landscape Design:

The journey to a stunning outdoor space begins with a detailed consultation. Our licensed landscape architect worked closely with the client to develop a concept based on the architect’s drawings. This involved creating a putting green with a rear wall, meticulously planned to meet the client’s specifications.

Site Preparation and General Sitework:

Before any construction could begin, our team undertook comprehensive site preparation and general sitework. This included grading, erosion control measures, and access path creation to ensure smooth progress throughout the project.

Topsoil Delivery and Installation:

Achieving the perfect grade and soil condition is important for a lush and healthy lawn. We delivered and spread shredded topsoil as needed, ensuring the site was primed for the next phase of landscaping. Our top-quality soil provides the ideal foundation for vibrant turf growth.

Seed, Straw, and Sod Installation:

For areas requiring seeding and sodding, we employed a meticulous approach. Tall fescue seed and straw blankets were applied to specific areas, complementing the sod installation in other sections. Our team ensured seamless integration between seeded and sodded areas, resulting in a cohesive and vibrant landscape.

Gravel Delivery and Installation:

To enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the landscape, gravel was delivered and installed in designated areas. This included under-deck beds and areas adjoining the newly constructed wall, providing practical drainage solutions and visual interest.

Putting Green Construction:

The centerpiece of the project was the construction of a putting green. Utilizing crushed limestone as a base, we created a putting surface complete with fringe. The installation included cups, flags, and infill sand, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable putting experience.

A putting green installation for a project in Cleves, Ohio.
A putting green installation for a project in Cleves, Ohio.
A putting green installation for a project in Cleves, Ohio.
A putting green installation for a project in Cleves, Ohio.

Landscape Lighting Installation:

To extend the usability of the outdoor space into the evening hours, we installed landscape lighting both in the front and backyards. A carefully curated selection of LED spot and path lights accentuates key features such as the rear landscape and putting green perimeter.

Cleanup and Maintenance:

Upon completion of the project, our team diligently cleaned up the landscape, ensuring every detail was attended to. This included trimming bushes, removing unwanted vegetation, and spreading new shredded mulch.

We take pride in delivering exceptional landscaping solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. From initial consultation to final cleanup, we strive to exceed expectations at every step of the journey. Contact us today to start planning your dream landscape!