Commercial Landscaping in Northern Kentucky: ADM Flavors

Our team at Upscale Lawncare has the ability to transform your business’s property into a beautiful and professional space. One such commercial landscaping project was our work for ADM Flavors in Northern Kentucky.

Base Install:

The foundation involved a full landscape installation, blending natural and synthetic elements. It included site work, prep work, and finish grades, with an option for synthetic turf for low-maintenance greenery.

Topsoil and Sod Installation:

To ensure a vibrant landscape, shredded topsoil was delivered and sod installed. This created the basis for a vibrant landscape.

Landscape Design and Planting:

The project called for the installation of many trees and plants. These were planted with starter fertilizer and mulch to ensure a proper and healthy growth.

Mulch and trees from a commercial landscaping project for ADM Flavors.

Mulch, gravel, and trees for a commercial landscaping project for ADM Flavors.
Aerial view of a commercial landscaping project for ADM Flavors.

Hardscape Elements – Melding Form and Function:

Our team installed large river rock gravel and landscape edging, which provided a natural aesthetic and defined distinct zones within the outdoor space.

Irrigation System – Function and Sustainability:

A comprehensive irrigation system covered both the turf and landscape beds, employing quality fixtures and emphasizing water conservation with drop zones in landscape areas.

Directional Boring – Essential Drainage:

Directional boring also had to be done under concrete surfaces to allow for the irrigation pipe to be ran. Concrete holes core were drilled out of 24×24 catch basin to allow for perforated drain tile installation under artificial turf.

If you’re looking to revamp your landscape, our team has the talent and resources to bring your project to life. Contact us today!