Creating Breathtaking Outdoor Living: Landscape Service in Mason, OH

Creating a beautiful landscape involves more than just planting flowers and laying sod. It requires skill, precision, and attention to detail. We specialize in comprehensive outdoor transformations tailored to your needs. Let’s explore a recent landscape service in Mason.

Initial Assessment and Planning:

We collaborated with a licensed landscape architect to create a detailed design based on the client’s preferences and property characteristics.

Site Preparation and Grading:

Our team handled site grading, erosion control, and soil conditioning to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth. We utilized topsoil and compost soil conditioner to address any soil deficiencies.

Sod Installation and Seed Application:

We installed sod in specified areas and applied seed and straw blankets to ensure uniform coverage and healthy turf growth.

Sprinkler System Installation:

We installed a comprehensive sprinkler system to efficiently water the lawn and landscape beds. This included tapping into existing plumbing and installing commercial-quality fixtures.

Image of landscape services for a property in Mason, Ohio.
Image of landscape services for a property in Mason, Ohio.

Image of landscape services for a property in Mason, Ohio.

Landscape Installation and Lighting:

Our team planted trees, shrubs, and flowers according to the landscape plan. We also installed LED landscape lighting to accentuate key features of the property.

Hardscape Elements:

We installed natural limestone retaining walls and decorative edge walls to enhance the landscape design. Additionally, we installed boulder rocks, catch basins, and pump systems for both aesthetics and functionality.

Ongoing Maintenance:

After the initial installation, we provided ongoing maintenance services such as mulch replenishment and seasonal plant care to preserve the beauty of the landscape.

From planning to upkeep, we are dedicated to providing a great transformative experience to your landscape. Contact us today and tell us how we can make your project come to life. We look forward to hearing from you!

Drawing for a landscaping project in Mason.
Image from a landscaping project in Mason, Ohio.

Image from a landscaping project in Mason, Ohio.