Landscape Refresh: Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio

We recently completed an extensive landscape refresh project for the front building of Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio. The goal was to revitalize the outdoor space, making it more inviting and vibrant.

Removal of Existing Landscape

The first step in the project was to remove the existing landscape along the east side of the front building. This process extended from the east side, wrapped around to the front, and ended at the ramp leading to the business. The removal included all foliage along the side of the entry drive up to the point where the bed widens. The existing evergreen trees were preserved along the south front of the building, except for the one closest to the ramp.

Soil Preparation

Once all the unwanted foliage was cleared, we focused on preparing the soil. Topsoil was applied to repair the grades as needed in the landscape beds. This step was crucial for ensuring that the new plants would have a healthy and stable environment to grow in.

New Plant Installation

With the soil prepped, we proceeded with the installation of new plant material according to the provided drawing. A few of these plants included Green Gem Boxwood, Crimson Pygmy Barberry, and Karl Foerster Grass.

Image of a landscape refresh at Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati.

Image of a landscape refresh at Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati.
Image of a landscape refresh at Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati.
Image of the job at Gantry Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fertilization and Watering

After installing the shrubs, we applied shrub fertilizer around the roots of each plant to promote healthy growth. Each plant was thoroughly watered to ensure they were well-hydrated and capable of establishing themselves in their new environment.

Bed Edging and Mulching

To give the landscape beds a clean and finished look, we redefined the edges of the beds. Following this, we applied a Broadstar pre-emergent herbicide to mitigate future weed germination, helping to keep the beds looking neat and tidy for longer. Finally, we applied black dyed mulch, which enhances the visual appeal of the beds and helps retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

Clean-Up and Disposal

The final step in our project was to clean up the site. All brush and debris generated from the removal and installation processes were hauled away and disposed of offsite, leaving the area pristine and ready to be enjoyed.

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Image of a drawing for the plan of Gantry Apartment's landscape refresh.