Backyard Oasis: Pool and Landscape Enhancement in Liberty Township, Ohio

Our team at Upscale Lawncare specializes in pool and landscape enhancement services. This project in Liberty Township perfectly encapsulates our ability to deliver stunning results for our clients’ properties.

Turf Removal and Area Preparation

We began by removing existing turf with a sod cutter to prepare for new landscape beds. Topsoil was applied for a consistent grade, and compost was added to enhance soil quality. Old pine straw was cleared out, and the debris was hauled away.

Plant Material Installation

We installed a variety of plants according to the landscape design. This included specimens like Karl Foerster Grass, Little Princess Spirea, and Dwarf Korean Lilac. Additionally, boulders were placed throughout the backyard. We fertilized the new plants, watered them in, created defined bed edges, and applied a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds.

Mulch, Rock, and Turf Cleanup

River rock was used along the bed borders for drainage and aesthetics. Black dyed mulch was added to all new beds. Any turf damage was repaired with topsoil, seed, and straw.

Image of a pool and landscape enhancement in Liberty Township.
Image of a pool and landscape enhancement in Liberty Township.
Our team at Upscale Lawncare specializes in crafting and updating outdoor spaces. This project involved revitalizing the landscape around a client’s pool area in Liberty Township, Ohio.
Image of plants and mulch at a Liberty Township property.
Image of an employee working on a property in Liberty Township.

Stepping Stones Installation

We created step stone paths in four locations, with a gravel base for stability. Limestone step stones were installed, and two additional stones were placed near the hose bib for easy access.

Additional Spring Cleanup and Mulching

For a spring refresh, we cut back perennials, pruned shrubs, removed winter debris, and weeded the beds. We redefined bed edges, applied pre-emergent herbicide, and added black dyed mulch. All debris was hauled away.

Bed Extension Behind Garage

We extended the landscape beds behind the garage by removing turf and adding topsoil. We applied fertilizer, created defined bed edges, applied herbicide, and added black dyed mulch.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Finally, we installed landscape lighting around the pool. This included Pro Trade Black Up Lights and Pro Trade Black Path Lights, with all necessary wiring and connectors.

Our team’s hard work on this property demonstrates our commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality landscaping services. At Upscale Lawncare, we strive to exceed client expectations and bring landscape dreams to life. Contact us today.

Image of a pool at a property in Liberty Township.