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Cincinnati homeowners look to Upscale Lawn Care for ideas to impress their guests and neighbors around their pools.


There’s several ways to improve the look and feel of your outdoor living spaces. From stonework, patios, mulch and flower beds, decking, and outdoor lighting. Here’s three areas that our landscape designers really love:

  1. Landscape lighting. Available in a variety of colors, combinations, and purpose.  Whether we’re lighting a path to the pool, trees and shrubs, or around your home.
  2. Mulch and flower beds. Think of your pool area as an outdoor oasis. You’ll want the proper design to ensure ample shade in the hot summer months, and something that flows well or compliments the rest of your home or outdoor space.
  3. Patios.  At Upscale lawn care we love creating patios and outdoor living spaces. How about a fire pit or outdoor grill? Perhaps it’s just to lay out and catch some rays… Either way we love coming up with amazing ideas that keep your friends and neighbors envious. 

If you have some cool ideas or like what you’re reading get in touch with our landscape designers. From hardscapes to waterscapes I’m sure we’ll find something that provides an Upscale look and that provides smiles for a lifetime! Contact us here.


Client Review:

“Quite frankly, I’ve never needed to consider hiring anyone else but Upscale Lawncare. Highly recommend these landscapers. On time, under budget, and I love my backyard.”

-Evelyn M.

Keep your Commercial Building Looking Upscale with Landscape Lighting.

Commercial landscape lighting in Cincinnati has several benefits.


During the day your property probably looks awesome.  Fresh cut grass, signage, well maintained trees and shrubs, and possibly some cool water features. But, what does it look like at night?


Properly lighting your commercial building has several benefits:


  • Increased visibility and exposure
  • Safety for walkways and sidewalks
  • Lighting for logos and signage
  • Lighting for trees, shrubs, and mulch beds
  • Light adds to security of premise


Just like in any other form of advertising, it’s about leaving an impression. People will remember your building when it looks lit by Upscale at night! Make sure your commercial building looks just as Upscale at night as it does during the day.  If you’d like to speak to a landscape lighting design specialist contact us here.