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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Company in Cincinnati.

Learn more about some of the top reasons one should hire a landscape company in Cincinnati like Upscale Lawn Care.

Your home or business is often the focal point of your life. As homeowners it’s most likely the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime. And, likewise for business owners or commercial properties maintaining the look of your business has an important role making sure you stand out. Let’s explore a few of the top reasons why it’s important to hire the pros. 

  1. Properly licensed, insured, and certified to perform the work.  You do not want a fly by night crew responsible for your investment.  If someone was to be hurt or your property is damaged you need the protection.
  2. Industry knowledge and training is crucial. Designing landscapes, building outdoor environments, and lawn care maintenance require an experienced knowledgeable team of professionals that execute without error.
  3. Background checked and properly vetted employees. Don’t hire a crew of subs. You won’t see the level of care and service you’d expect from a crew with employees. 
  4. Highly rated.  Don’t take someone’s word for it. Do your research. Look for firms with experience in the particular area you’re searching for. 
  5. Don’t shop by price alone. There’s no shortage of people or companies that are willing to compromise price over quality. Hire the best. Your neighbors, employees, and customers will thank you.

We hope this article has been helpful.  Remember it’s not always about price. Do your research. If you’d like to learn about the services we provide and the types of clients we serve please contact us here. 

We look forward to serving you soon.


Client Review:


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Gum and his team at Upscale on two different sides of the spectrum; One as a project manager, and more recently now as an owner of my own company.

I was a project manager for a large local asphalt company and we used Upscale for snow removal and salting our customers parking lots. Chris was always the first to respond with urgency to get all the customers done orderly, timely, and most of all safely!

More recently we installed a floor coating in their showroom /office. Their willingness to assist us in any way possible to make our process go as smooth as it could is why working with his company as a contractor and also a customer becomes my first choice for any commercial and residential Landscaping and Snow removal needs!!

Truly an “Upscale” company!”

Michael Fiorini –

Owner / Firm Foundation Floor Coatings

Keep your Commercial Building Looking Upscale with Landscape Lighting.

Commercial landscape lighting in Cincinnati has several benefits.


During the day your property probably looks awesome.  Fresh cut grass, signage, well maintained trees and shrubs, and possibly some cool water features. But, what does it look like at night?


Properly lighting your commercial building has several benefits:


  • Increased visibility and exposure
  • Safety for walkways and sidewalks
  • Lighting for logos and signage
  • Lighting for trees, shrubs, and mulch beds
  • Light adds to security of premise


Just like in any other form of advertising, it’s about leaving an impression. People will remember your building when it looks lit by Upscale at night! Make sure your commercial building looks just as Upscale at night as it does during the day.  If you’d like to speak to a landscape lighting design specialist contact us here.

Keep that Upscale Look with Bed Edging in Early Spring!


Edging helps maintain that Upscale look, and stops grass from invading your beds.


Things can get messy real quick if you’re not edging your landscaping. Edging along the perimeter of your sidewalks, driveway, and flower beds helps to keep things crisp and clean, but stops the roots of grass in its tracks! 


It’s much more difficult to maintain an upscale look if your beds and walkways have grass growing in them.


It’s part of our early springtime maintenance for both our commercial and residential clients. You’ll see our crews all over Cincinnati edging beds in preparation for lawn care through the season and all of our beautiful mulch and flower beds. 


Don’t break your back. Contact the team at Upscale Lawncare to properly edge your lawn and beds. You’ll be thankful you did. Questions about edging? Contact us here.


Learn More about the Importance Commercial Landscape Lighting click Here.


Mulch Bed

Pre-emergent weed control is a preferred method in Cincinnati to reduce weed growth in landscaping and mulch beds. 


As in our previous article, regular landscape maintenance is important to keep your yard in tip top shape. Especially when it comes to weeds. A Pre-emergent treatment from Upscale Lawncare will help dramatically reduce weeds in your landscaping areas. Here’s a few important items regarding pre-emergent treatments.


  • Pre-emergent applications must happen early in the season.  It will NOT be effective after the weed has sprouted.
  • Pre-emergent does require multiple applications per year
  • Some weed seeds are lying in your soil waiting to sprout. Pre-emergents help kill the weed off during the actual sprouting in the top layer of soil.
  • Application can be complicated and this is a chemical. Please leave it to the pros.
  • It is recommended to apply during early spring.


This is one of the most effective ways to eliminate or reduce troublesome weeds. Best time to hire Upscale to apply pre-emergent to your yard is March through April. If you have questions about this process please contact us here.


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