Important things you need to know about retaining walls in Cincinnati.

Retaining walls do add beauty and function to your property.

A retaining wall doesn’t have to be drab and industrial. A good design will marry both form and function. Most homeowners in Cincinnati, Ohio need a retaining wall along your homes for mulch beds, patios, and driveways. Let’s discuss a few important items. 


  1. Selection of materials. There is a wide range of materials to suit your needs. Natural stones are great, they look the best, but tend to be on the higher end of the budget. Some manufactured stone and concrete options can be more budget savvy and there are more color choices and size options. 
  2. Design. A good design of your outdoor space can take something that is utilitarian and turn it into something enjoyable. That’s where the skill and expertise from Upscale Lawn care comes in. Our expert estimators and landscape designers will give you the best option in terms of function, but design something that still wow’s friends and neighbors. 
  3. Proper drainage. Referring back to function, a retaining wall serves a purpose.  In most cases its holding back earth and preventing it from encroaching other areas of the property.  Properly installing drainage will keep the form of the wall together and structurally sound for a lifetime.


Upscale landscape designers put your needs first. A comprehensive review of your property and landscape is included with our estimate. We’ll help guide you in a direction that makes most sense for your budget, and add some appeal to your outdoor living space. 

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