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Aerial photo of a pool landscaping project in Cincinnati, Ohio by Upscale Lawncare
Firepit installation in new residential construction project
There are many options for outdoor living spaces. Fire features not only add the cool factor, but serve a purpose as well.

Spending time in your outdoor living space can be enjoyed with the addition of a fire pit or fireplace to enjoy throughout the year.  There are many choices available and can be custom designed to suit your preferences. Either way it will be an asset that your family and friends will enjoy for many years. 

Some building codes in different cities may impact the design or construction. So it’s a good idea to double check what your options are before moving to far along. We’re familiar with most of Greater Cincinnati’s do’s and don’t so you’re in good hands.

Here are some options for fuel source:

  1. Wood burning. Obviously the coolest option because it’s just like having a campfire in your backyard. However, cleaning is more intensive and some of those building codes apply more stringently to wood fire pits. 
  2. Propane.  Propane firepits can look pretty fancy with addition of cool glass, and lava rocks.  It’s also more controlled and there’s less cleaning. As with any fuel source there is a cost to refilling propane.
  3. Gel fueled logs. You may not have heard of this option before, but the gel is actually inside the log. It looks authentic and can be set up in virtually any design.
  4. Natural Gas. Chances are your home is already supplied with natural gas. So running a LP line or special infrastructure isn’t necessary.

Every property, location, and municipality is different. So we’ll work together to ensure we choose the most functional and economical option for your outdoor living space.


Cincinnati often experiences heavy rains in the Springtime. Proper drainage of your lot will help reduce or eliminate flooding.

Almost every year in March snow and ice finally subside and the Ohio River typically sees some amount of flooding. The spring time can be a particularly wet season. This can spell trouble for homes and businesses around the Tri-state that do not have the proper grading around your home or business. 

At Upscale Lawn Care we take special care on new properties to properly grade away from foundations. We typically use a 90 degree angle with 6-10 inches of grade about ten feet away from the home. That’s the industry standard. 

Several drainage options are available if the proper grading can’t be met, or in certain circumstances.  Drainage pipe, window well drains, and trench drains may be used to help move water away from the property.  Downspouts are important to maintain as well. But we prefer to choose proper landscape grading as the first option. 

If you experience basement flooding, standing water in your yard, or other grading and drainage issues please get in touch. 


Retaining walls do add beauty and function to your property.

A retaining wall doesn’t have to be drab and industrial. A good design will marry both form and function. Most homeowners in Cincinnati, Ohio need a retaining wall along your homes for mulch beds, patios, and driveways. Let’s discuss a few important items. 


  1. Selection of materials. There is a wide range of materials to suit your needs. Natural stones are great, they look the best, but tend to be on the higher end of the budget. Some manufactured stone and concrete options can be more budget savvy and there are more color choices and size options. 
  2. Design. A good design of your outdoor space can take something that is utilitarian and turn it into something enjoyable. That’s where the skill and expertise from Upscale Lawn care comes in. Our expert estimators and landscape designers will give you the best option in terms of function, but design something that still wow’s friends and neighbors. 
  3. Proper drainage. Referring back to function, a retaining wall serves a purpose.  In most cases its holding back earth and preventing it from encroaching other areas of the property.  Properly installing drainage will keep the form of the wall together and structurally sound for a lifetime.


Upscale landscape designers put your needs first. A comprehensive review of your property and landscape is included with our estimate. We’ll help guide you in a direction that makes most sense for your budget, and add some appeal to your outdoor living space.